Depression vs Me, Final Score

So a real nice thing happened today, for me it was nice to others it may be boring, I don’t mean it to be.

And so Madam and Sir depression turned up again in my tiny head.
So it’s time to wander with me mate Ronnie, it’s all i can do when I feel ill.
A nice morning at Beamish Museum in County Durham (uK) so we head there. I feel lonely and like I’m the only person there, surrounded but on the periphery, you know?
I lay back on the grass and try and fix my head.
Now, my dog Ronnie is a big baby round women and children but with me he just wants to wrestle, it’s been like that for all of the ten wonderful years I’ve been with him.
Today was different. He saw me lay back and exhale as many worries out of me as I could, and this would be his cue for a fight of the most playful normally. But the next thing I feel is he lays next to me and puts his head on my shoulder, every time I catch his eye his tail makes the most wonderful thundering noise as it pounds the ground. He makes me smile.

Depression 0 Ronnie 1 .

I mentioned today felt like a lonely day. It was. Ronnie helped.

Then the most wonderful group of people caught eye of Ronnie and we were surrounded. The sweetest most honest group of youngsters all with Down’s Syndrome. They fussed Ronnie till he fizzed with enjoyment, they were interested in me too in the most playful way, they were the greatest medicine I’ve ever had.

Depression 0 Beautiful people 1

So Ronnie and I realise that we’ll have to go back to our real worlds so we head home. We head out towards the gift shop at Beamish and on the way a very young lady with her Gran starts whistling at Ronnie , now she is only a young toddler, but a wonderful old fashioned talky one. Her gran asks if I’d mind if they walk with me back up to the car park, seeing as little Beatrice (cool name) likes Ronnie so much.
Now little Beatrice sings me tunes from the west end, yep it’s true, and by the time I reach that gift shop I get to thinking was there something at work today, you know saying “Glenn 2 or 3 folks may be nasty where you live, but the majority of folks are brilliant, and you’ve met some of the best today”

Depression 0 Beatrice and her singing 1.

Final Score – Depression 0 The magic of beautiful humans and animals 3

To all those people I met today and Ronnie, I don’t think you’ll ever know just how much you did for me by being you and letting me meet you.

Thank You.