*Where it all started:
County Durham born Glenn has been playing keyboards for over thirty years now.
Today still living in County Durham Glenn can be found composing music in his home studio.

Composing music started about ten years ago when Glenn got fed up of playing covers in rather dodgy rock and funk bands up and down the country, Glenn tells how he “even took a job playing in a Country and Western band on a cruise ship, my dreadful sea sickness made this a gig I’d rather forget!! although watching people line dance in a Force 9 gale was funny!”

“I also used to play in hotels on my own at the piano and started making up my own tunes, I thought I was on to a winner when guests would come up and ask me the name of the piece I’d just played, the looks on their faces when I told them I’d just made it up then and there was great. Their positive reaction to my improvisations gave me the confidence to carry on and do my own thing”.

*Finding a style through landscape:
While Glenn was on a walking break in the Lake District, Cumbria, he discovered a composing style on the piano that he was to stick with . “I tried to capture the sheer beauty of the place in music” says Glenn, “whether I succeeded is for the listener to decide but I loved the sound I was getting on the piano and stuck with it. I felt I’d found my piano sound”.
“I’m also fascinated by the knowns and unknowns of space, and this influence can be heard in some of my latest compositions”.
Glenn does still work in other genres of music though.

*Returning to a favourite sound:
Recently Glenn has returned to his first love of the Hammond organ on his newest album Fir Tree Days “it’s a sound that never dies” says Glenn. “It’s also a sound that brings a smile to audiences every time I hit a chord and flick the leslie rotor to full!”

*Just some of the screens and speakers Glenn’s work has been played and used:
Glenn’s work has and continues to be broadcast via BBC Introducing, Including on Tom Robinson at BBC 6 Music. Glenn’s reaction, “it was an absolute thrill to hear legendary Tom Robinson play my tracks”. Local BBC radio TEES and NEWCASTLE both play Glenn’s music via BBC introducing. “Its an honour to even get on air as so many musicians just don’t get the chance” says Glenn.


Glenn was lucky enough that some of his piano music was heard by American Director Kevin Morrow and he asked Glenn to score his independent movie Billy Longfingers , ” I loved doing it,” Glenn says” it is a cracking little film. The super human work from the Director Kevin, and brilliant acting by Venessa Morrow, Mya Morrow and John Ruoff, make me immensely proud to be involved with it. I admire anyone who sees a project right through to the end no matter what’s thrown at them along the way.”
” I realized while scoring Billy Longfingers that Film music was the route I wanted to take and I’ll be forever grateful to Kevin for taking a risk on me”.

Glenn was reading a magazine back in the summer of 2011 and he came across an article about a local Film Director Rob Burrows and his film Dead Frequency. ” I love to read about local success stories, and Rob just seemed like someone who new exactly what he wanted and did it professionally”.
Glenn went to Rob’s Solarus Films website and was even more impressed after watching the trailer for Dead Frequency. But work took hold and Glenn didn’t contact Rob immediately. ” I just got in touch with Rob very recently and it seems that I timed it just right and that some of my work was to Rob’s liking for his new film. I’m also incredibly proud to be involved with Entwinement , I hope my music will go, even some small way, to add to what is an incredible achievement by all involved. ”

Mike Tweddles cracking film shows the horrors of dog fighting but also the compassion shown to a former fighting dog. It features a couple of my piano pieces. Another great piece of work that I’m very proud to be a small part of.

The cracking new film from Rob Burrows and Solarus Films. Flowerman is a disturbing drama that tells the story of an idyllic family who’s lives are torn apart.
I’ve been absolutely honoured to have been composing on it. Another fantastic super human effort from all involved.

The brill Mike Tweddle, he of damaged Goods Direction fame asked me to write a piece for this great little short.
I had a few goes to get exactly what Mike wanted, but I’m chuffed with the final outcome.
The music is entitled Dr. Demise, the Proprietor of the Fun House. It’s the only music on the film and it’s on the end credits. Check it out on my Films page.

*What next Glenn?
Well, I have more film work already in the can and I’m currently composing for two new Independent Films due for finishing late 2017, as well as pushing my new Fir Tree Days album and hopefully taking that out live at some point, so keep your eyes peeled and come and see me either here or live.
Until then……

Take care and thank you so much for stopping by and keep popping in the doors always open 😉

GM x