Last Fuel For Miles

Not only is my Surf Guitar and Hammond organ tune “Goofy Foot” used in the full length film but my dog Ronnie and me get a walk on part right at the beginning on the beach, don’t blink or you’ll miss us. A great time indeed. The tune on this teaser clip is “Outlaws” by the superb Le Reno Amps

Fixed Penalty

The brill Mike Tweddle, he of damaged Goods Direction fame, asked me to write a piece for this great little short.
I had a few goes to get exactly what Mike wanted, but I’m chuffed with the final outcome.
The music is entitled Dr. Demise, the Proprietor of the Fun House. It’s the only music on the film and it’s on the end credits, enjoy this short little piece of top notchness :-))


The cracking new film from Rob Burrows and Solarus Films. The Flowerman is a disturbing drama that tells the story of an idyllic family who’s lives are torn apart.
I’ve been absolutely honoured to have been composing on it. Another fantastic super human effort from all involved.

Damaged Goods

This film shows the horrors of dog fighting but also the compassion shown to a former fighting dog. It features a couple of my piano pieces (not on this trailer). Another great piece of work I’m proud to be involved with.


Billy Longfingers

Kevin Morrow’s great little Ghost story. I had a brilliant time writing and playing the music for it.


Conjunctio Oppositorum

A great Joint project by artists Adreea V. Balcan and Andy Paciorek. I composed and played this piece and I was very pleased with the outcome . The flute really worked well alongside the superb images.



Please Note the music on this Entwinement Trailer is not mine. It’s one of the many brilliant musicians involved in the film. I’m very proud to be involved with it. Check out the Entwinement website to hear my contribution.