About this Website

This site features my composing style that I hope will interest you for any Film or TV projects you may have, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further info.

I’m always ahttp://www.glennmaltman.co.uk/glennmaltman/wp-admin/plugins.phpdding new tracks regularly so please keep coming back.

And thanks for popping by, I hope you like the music and I hope you come back soon or even better here’s hoping we can work together on your next project :-)


Many thanks to :

  • Chris Paciorek.
  • Nick Grant
  • Lee Emmerson.
  • Fred Purser.
  • Ray Laidlaw.
  • Mike J Hadfield.
  • Bob Fischer BBC Radio Tees
  • Nick Roberts BBC Radio Newcastle
  • Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music and Fresh On The net
  • Brian Brasher.

They all helped in one way or another, by giving their time ,their brilliant advice, their talent and their airtime.

And a huge thank you to Kevin Morrow, Rob Burrows and Mike Tweddle for their Films.